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Shreya Sharma and Chapter 6 create a trendy pop anthem with Ladka Baiman: Score Indie Reviews

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Ladka Baiman is an interesting take on heartbreak set against a really catchy and dancey beat. Sung by Shreya Sharma, the song can be seen as an equivalent to certain English pop numbers by female artists that highlight the ‘baiman’ and immature behavior of their partners in a straight relationship. Sharma continues this same tradition with her own sass and confidence, that perfectly goes with the upbeat tone of the song. 

Due credit needs to be given to producer Chapter 6 for it is Ladka Baiman’s music that stays on in the mind of listeners since the opening minute. The lyrics aren’t the most poetic but trendy and modern enough to sound relatable. With traces of Punjabi and Hindi, the song’s lyrical aspects delve on a woman leaving her lover who continues chasing her and stalking her on social media. It shows lyricist Diesby’s versatility, who himself is an accomplished R&B singer in his own right. 

The song is accompanied by a visual shot by Saurabh Khatri, that revolves around Sharma rising out of a failed relationship. The aesthetics and colors are bright and gel well with the optimistic and self-confident undertones that Sharma’s vocals represent. In the end, this is perhaps one of the best songs of the year, when it comes to the chemistry between the singer and the producer.

Verdict: Ladka Baiman is an interesting take on the self-confidence of a person after a breakup, powered by some extremely dancey production.

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