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A Confluence of Groovy Beats, Pertinent Lyrics and Astonishing Vibe to Create this Blockbuster Track by Niyati Handa Called ‘Lost In You’ – Indie Score Reviews

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Niyati Handa is a pop star in the making due to her supreme talent, which includes writing and composing her own music. Leaving behind her 7 years of corporate job as a journalist to step on the journey towards her passion, which has been music, Niyati is already climbing on the ladder of success. She first entered the music industry 3 years back when she began as a Video producer for Times Music Label. 

For her stage presence and mellifluous voice, she was awarded ‘Best Upcoming Artist’ by SheThePeople, Asia’s largest woman Channel, which was organised by Google India. She has also been nominated in the Best EDM category by Clef Music Awards. Her experimental nature, which implores genres like Pop, R&B and house, can be felt in her songs. She aims to provide a wholesome song to the audience which is groovy, lyrical and would leave a lasting impression on the mind. 

Her latest single ‘Lost In You’ combines all the traits stated above and goes a leap beyond the same, which is fueled by her charisma. It is a song about first love and how it engulfs the mind, body and soul. Each meeting and thought about that first love brings forth the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, which makes a person feel alive. The happiness exuded by this experience makes the feet feel like dancing and makes you relive those moments again and again. 

The vocals are very easy and breezy, which makes the song extremely likeable. It feels like Niyati has been professionally singing for a long time, as it shows her grasp of this genre. The music video is also infectious, with nice dance moves and good picturisation. To conclude, this song is a nice upbeat track that will make you remember the days of first love and has the quality of being liked in an instant. 

Verdict: A Nod To Groovy Bollywood Tracks

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