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“Another Avenue” Brings Forth Another Successful Collaboration for Arrows – Score Indie Reviews

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Arrows released another collaboration last month featuring Riya Duggal. It is a sexy track called “Another Avenue”. The vibe of this song perfectly fits into a genre of pop rock, even though it might sound like another simple pop song.

If one breaks-down the arrangement, the rock elements are quite clear. For starters, the song begins with pop-y guitar strums and quickly brings in the bass, vocals, light percussion, and a guitar riff. But soon enough, those reverse cymbal hits add fills to the song, and the nifty drum rolls can also be heard. The hard-hitting piano keys shows a strong pop influence as well. This mood is maintained throughout the song.

The vocals are an element to be talked about separately. Riya has done a commendable job of taking the lyrics and composition, and perfectly delivering the sensual tone of the song. The harmonies in the song from the start to the end are complimenting the lead vocals beautifully to make the song sound full over all.

Having these many plus points, there are some parts where the song could have done a better job. The chorus of the song could have been more powerful and unique to make it more memorable. The high frequency in the chorus is also only dependent on the vocals. A more balanced arrangement could have added more punch to the chorus.

Arrows’ exploration of various genres with a strong influence of rock is commendable. The lyrics are tasteful and would make listeners want to indulge themselves in a seductive state of mind for the duration of the song. The bass in the song has the potential to get the listeners groove to its movements, just like it is supposed to. A decent track to be marked as another sensible collaboration in the discography of Arrows.

Verdict: groovy, seductive, imaginative

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