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Aagosh is another feather in Subhi’s cap as she weaves a mellow ballad: Score Indie Reviws

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In Hindi and Urdu, the word ‘Aagosh’ refers to a shadow or an unseperable companion. Subhi plays around with this concept in a tender love song of the same name. A slow song at its core, it still takes no time to stick in your head and give you a good dose of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Aagosh starts off with some alluring hushed-down vocals by Subhi as she sings a melody that she composed and wrote. The song is captivating right
from the start and Kanishk Seth’s production only builds up more emotion
to the track.

Every element of the song has something different to off and the blend somehow works very well. On the surface, it sounds like a simple piano
melody but the violins and background vocals elevate its overall sonic

The song varies its tones and scales from verses to verse. There’s a verse
in the middle which would make one feel that Agosh is achieving a crescendo to a dramatic finale but then it just transitions to the slow-paced,
piano-driven chorus.

Subhi’s previous singles have also had a slightly mellow tone associated
with them but Agosh sounds like it stands for both a certain bittersweet
taste as well as a certain warmth. Depending on the listener’s mood, Subhi’s vocals can make you feel hopeful or they can make you feel mellow.

However, what’s certain is that Subhi is a talented songstress to watch out
for and a producer like Kanishk Seth can also contribute in unleashing her
true potential. Clocking at four minutes, the song hardly feels stretched and
its chorus can be worth the repeatability for many listeners.

Verdict: Aagosh is a tender and heartwarming piece, strengthened by a
smooth piano and violin-driven production.

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