Indie Music Review: Chalo Chalein by Abhiruchi Singh

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In times of turbulence, nothing provides greater reassurance than love. Abhiruchi’s crystalline voice offers a luminous dose of it, expressed in wistful lyrics. She sings of an all-too-common desire to escape the compulsions of the real world, a relatable sentiment in this reality of locked doors and deserted streets.

An absolute lock-in for Bollywood-style romance, her single is a pleasant, somewhat saccharine piece that makes for laid-back listening. Escorted by dainty strings and a silvery instrumental arrangement, her voice offers gentle assurance and invites listeners to imagine a better, less convoluted existence.

Chalo Chalein is lovely, and appeals to hidden and proclaimed romantics alike. Find your wishes reflected in the lyrics, or be quietly captivated by a few minutes of uninhibited daydreaming.

Watch the full music video here:

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