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Anusha Mani – Nafarmani is An Ode to Love: Score Indie Reviews

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For over a decade, as far as playback singers in Bollywood are concerned, Anusha Mani has been a force to reckon with. Right from her first song ‘Dhoka’ from the movie ‘Johnny Gaddaar’, Anusha Mani has carved her own niche and delivered a string of hits. Some of her other hits include ‘Gulaabo’ (Shaandaar), ‘Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na’ (Chennai Express), ‘Lehrein’ (Aisha), ‘Lazy Lamhe’ (Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic), ‘Zara Dil ko Thaam Lo’ (Don 2) and ‘Dil Me Jaagi’ (Dev D). Now, the illustrious singer is back with her latest track “Nafarmani”, a collaboration with Goldie Sohel and Manoj Yadav, and that’s what we are reviewing here.

The word “Nafarmani ” is the Urdu for disobedience and it describes a lovestruck heart. When we are in love, we tend to lose control and get enslaved to the whims of every beat of the heart. When we are in love we know nothing, and we only see what the heart wants you to see. Even though we have been to the moon and back as a race, we still have no concrete answer for the age old question, what is love?

The song “Nafarmani” is a celebration of that wonderful cluelessness we all enjoy/yearn to enjoy. Within its melodious notes and poetic words is a story of an inscrutable heart and its desires. Is it a topic that hasn’t been touched before? Of Course not, but when the matters of the heart are concerned, no amount of songs can ever be too many. If nothing else, it will add to the beautiful confusion that we all can’t help but enjoy. Remember, it’s the heart after all, none of us have any conscious influence over its impulses.

When you hit play, you will soon be ushered into the song by the smooth and sultry voice of Anusha Mani. Her timbre is just perfect for the song’s subject matter. She delivers a magnificent vocal performance because that’s what Anusha Mani always does. Her wonderful vocals are layered over a beautiful musical arrangement that features some beautiful guitar leads and keyboard fills. The track is produced masterfully. It sounds rich and full, without sounding sterile and overproduced. 

“Nafarmani” is an ode to love and the curious machinations of a heart smitten by it. And guess what, when you listen to it, you will instantly fall in love with it and when your hand reaches for the replay button automatically, don’t ask why, just go with the flow.

Verdict: A sensational serenade.

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