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Mrs. Ippi and Keith Daniels’ The Ferris Wheel is an ode to the innocence of childhood: Score Indie Reviews

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Raised in New Delhi, and currently based in New York, singer-songwriter Mrs. Ippi has dropped a new single, that gels well with her feel-good discography from the past while adding some new dimensions to her songwriting. A wholesome love song, The Ferris Wheel is dedicated to the vocalist’s parents, sister, and her niece Xanthe (whose childhood musings are heavily featured in the heartwarming video).

The lyrical elements of the song are sweet and simple, bolstered by Mrs. Ippi’s calming vocals. The video, the instrumentation, and the overall themes evoke a sense of naivety and simplicity that some of us are blessed with as children. Through this song, the artist probably wishes for her listeners to cherish the little things in life like children rather than stressing about all materialistic troubles that surround us. The usage of a Ferris Wheel or an amusement works as a good-enough metaphor to explore the song’s playful nature.

Of course, the high-end instrumentation played a huge role in making the single sound so positive. New York-based arranger Keith Daniels is responsible behind the ambient saxophone melodies that add a new dimension to the song. For a song like this, adding a brass sound makes it stand out a little from other similar indie offerings most of which tend to rely either on an acoustic guitar sound or a more electronic aura.

All in all, Daniels and Mrs. Ippi’s talents complement each other perfectly crafting a smooth pop-jazz track that would lighten up your day, if you wish to hear a melody that doesn’t require much thinking or interpretation. Mrs. Ippi’s vocals feel genuine, and the song’s accompanying video serves as an added bonus.

Verdict: A wholesome and heartwarming jazz-pop melody.

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