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Aniken – Sitaare featuring Gaurav Tophakhane, Shreyas Iyengar: Score Indie Reviews

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‘Aniken’ or Aniket Kate is an electronic music producer based in Pune, Maharashtra. After completing his Bachelors in Contemporary Performance from JMC International, Melbourne, Aniket firmly established his musical pedigree and base in the city. After several collaborations with different individual artists and bands, Aniket pioneered his own solo project and thus, ‘Aniken’ took roots.

With an eclectic and strong personality, Aniket firmly narrates the same through his music. His work is constantly evolving as he explores his musical limits, somehow finding none till date. With the sky as his limit, and an undefined genre, Aniken seeks to pave his way with this experimental retro music. He has joined forces with Gaurav Tophakhane and Shreyas Iyengar for his debut release “Sitaare”, and that’s the song we are reviewing here. 

“Sitaare” is not just a song but an emotion breathing into a random form of motion. From the moment the beat kicks in, you will know that this track will be fantastic for driving along. “Sitaare” has a solid retro back beat, layered with synth wave keyboards and a subtle pinch of Indian percussion with delay heavy guitar harmonies that are all tied together with the vocals and the sax. The song portrays the feeling and emotions behind the skies as you drive through the night.

“Sitaare” isn’t about using the stars to guide you to your destination, it’s about illuminating your journey with twinkling starlight. The song starts subtly enough, and patiently begins layering new elements with a clear confidence in its ability to deliver a meaningful payoff. When the track breaks into its chorus melody, its infectious charm becomes practically irresistible. Don’t be surprised to feel your feet moving and your shoulders swaying. The strength of the track doesn’t stop at the chorus section though, as Aniken expertly builds on the optimistic flow for the full course of the song, culminating in a delightful sax solo around the three-quarter mark that practically demands listeners turn up the volume.  

“Sitaare” is a vibrant and deeply enjoyable retro listening experience. Yes, you can enjoy it inside the confines of your home, but you will be better off listening to it while driving under the night sky. If you love synth wave for its genuinely nostalgic charm and not for its attempts to cash in on a trend with overly produced efforts, “Sitaare” deserves to be on your playlist.

Verdict: Press play and drive.

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