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Ananya Sharma’s State of the Art addresses the internal dilemmas of being an artist: Score Indie Reviews

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Her first single since her 2020 debut Denied, State of the Art is an ambient track by Ananya Sharma that touches upon some fine metaphorical concepts of being an artist. Adorned with her smooth vocals, the song is bound to impress fans of alternative/indie and pop artists like Lenka and Sharma’s own inspiration Sufjan Stevens.

As the songstress states herself, the lyrics touch upon the dichotomy of being an artist. On one hand, the artist strives to stay true to themselves and make authentic art. On the other hand, the same artists have to strive for popularity especially in today’s age of sharable reels and the like. 

Set against mellow keys, Ananya’s hauntingly pleasing voice reassures artists to be the way they are. The lyrics are simple and get straight to the point as she croons that artists don’t have to hide their true selves or “seem themselves capable of living a lie”.

Ending the track are some equally haunting violins that contribute to sense of soothing emptiness. The song can easily lead to moments of introspection and is perfectly suited for today’s age when we focus on quantity more than quality. 

With such instrumental arrangements, most of the recent indie releases dwell on the familiar themes of love, heartbreak, or hopelessness. State of the Art and its exploration of art in the modern sense is very easily a breath of fresh air in this context. 

Verdict: State of the Art is a hauntingly beautiful observation on its titular subject matter. 

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