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Amartya Bobo Rahut’s Noor Kasauli is filled with instant “feel-good” vibes – Score Indie Reviews

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ust a few weeks ago, Amartya Bobo Rahut had released a hauntingly beautiful track titled Thikana that was cinematic in all aspects. Now, the singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist is back with a more somber and simple track called Noor Kasauli. The drastic change in both songs’ soundscapes only goes on to show his artistic versatility.

As the title suggests, the song is an ode to the hilly town of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh. The story behind the song is such that Rahut and his friends had visited this place and instantly fell in love with its landscape and people. The result was a delightful two-minute-long ukulele-driven track that we get to hear now.

The beauty of Noor Kasauli lies in its overall simplicity. With just a few uke strums and a touch of mandolin with a tinge of bass, Rahut and his team end up helming a delightfully pleasant travel song.

To quote Rahut himself, it is basically a love song for the mountain lover in each of us. And indeed, Noor Kasauli does have high replay value and can be a hit for your next bike trip or bonfire session.

It might not be as musically unique as a single like Thikana but still, the emotions that come out of this one are enough to make Noor Kasauli stand out on its own.

Having served as a composer for ad films as well as feature films like Aurangzeb and Tumhari Sulu, Amartya Bobo Rahut is definitely a man of considerable experience. But with his new indie pursuits like this current single, he is proving his musical prowess as an indie artist. Needless to say, his future discography does seem to carry a lot of potential.

But for now, if you need a shot of instant cheeriness, just stream Noor Kasauli and get teleported to the mountains.

Verdict: A beautiful ode to a beautiful place.

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