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Vernon D’Souza feat. Souvik Adak – Tea -Score Indie Reviews

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Vernon D’Souza is an Indian playback singer, performer and songwriter. He made his playback debut in the Alt Balaji series The Verdict- State vs Nanavati, singing the track ‘Stop Dancing’. 

Aside from his playback work, he has sung live with artists such as Thomson Andrews, Mithoon Sharma, and Meet Bros. He has also sung ad jingles. 

Vernon has been singing since he was four. When he turned eight, his father bought him a guitar, taught him how to play a few chords and he picked up playing from then on. He began writing songs while he was a student at St. Patrick’s Higher Secondary School in Asansol

He moved to Mumbai in 2016. He began his music career, whilst still in college, when he sang his original song ‘Unsinkable’ on Television for Star Movies India. He was one of the 15 artists in India to get selected for this.

Vernon has also performed at the Radio Mirchi Awards in 2018 with the Meet Bros, Sonu Nigam and Papon. Subsequently, he has performed live with the Andrews Academy Of Music Choir for Mithoon. In 2019, he sang backing vocals on Nikhil D’Souza ‘s hit song “Neendo Se Breakup”. 

He has also written and composed Thomson Andrews Christmas single “Rock N Roll Christmas”.

in 2019, “By My Side”, a song he wrote and sang ft Sad Wolves, topped the Spotify Mint India charts. The song was later handpicked by Nucleya and featured on BBC Asian Network in the episode ‘Nucleya-Sikstep Drops A Mix!’ 

In 2019, Vernon independently released his debut single “Gypsy on the Run”. Produced by his friend, Souvik Adak, the track was sent to the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London to be mastered by Christian Wright. ‘Gypsy On The Run’ then went on to receive airplay on UK based radio station Gravity FM.

In February 2020, Vernon independently released a single titled “The Best I Can Be”, completely bedroom produced by his friend Souvik, this song about self love and care was well received globally and received airplay in the United States, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, England and Australia. 

The talented singer-songwriter is back with his latest track “Tea” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Loving, fun and at times, quite introspective, “Tea” is quite a personal sounding output from Vernon D’Souza. While the individual elements sound quite light and airy, the cumulative impact is mesmerizing.

Considering the time of its release, “Tea” is nothing short of a musical tinsel treat by Vernon D’Souza. You will definitely be pleased to find it in your stockings this time around. Pour yourself a steaming cup of tea and press play.

Verdict: Delicious.

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