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Allister Martins – Without You: Score Indie Reviews

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Allister Martins is an upcoming Indian singer songwriter. A music producer and executive producer in the Indian film and ad scene. His release “Thief” featuring Giselle Figueiredo has wowed the audience with a fantastic response and press coverage. His single titled “NAKITA” on his supermodel girlfriend with whom he had marked his debut. With a long list of songs in the pipeline, Allister is ready to bring forth his music to the world stage.

Throughout the course of his musical career, Allister Martins has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, producing music for Ads, Films, YouTube Content and other commercial projects, Allister dreams of being heard for his original music now. He is back with his track “Without You” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

COVID-19 has been hard on everyone. A lot of people have lost their jobs, a lot of people have even lost their lives. “Without You” tells the story of a girl dealing with the loss of her lover. The lyrics and the imagery in the video are grim, depressing, and quite heavy. This is a song that talks about a person that has lived through the pain, loss, hurt, frustrations, and disappointment and is here to tell us it’s perfectly natural to feel that way too. On top of all of that, it tells you to remember that people might die, but love is immortal.

Situations may be dire, and faith may sometimes be in short supply, yet “Without You” by Allister Martins definitely heralds the arrival of this supremely talented singer-songwriter in the indie scene. Here’s a man whose talents can no longer be ignored. “Without You” is more than just a song. When taken as a whole, it can serve as a truly cathartic experience.

Verdict: Brilliant.

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