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Vasu Raina – Yahan: Score Indie Reviews

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Vasu Raina is an Indie Singer-Songwriter from New Delhi, India. Vasu has been inclined towards music since his childhood. He has been stringing melodies since his primary school days. He plays various instruments like Harmonium, Keys, Piano, Drums, Guitar and Ukulele to name a few. His music picks its essence from his personal experiences, memories and muses which leaves an imprint. This imprint in turn proves to sway a sundowner effect which paves its way throughout Vasu’s music. The talented artist has recently released a track called “Yahan” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

“Yahan” is a Hindi Pop track, with some folk vibes. Vasu Raina used some of his favourite instruments in this track. Although, the high point of the track is where he brings in the “Kashmiri Instrument” called “Tumbaknaer”. Incorporating the Kashmiri djembe, the track is a mix of Kashmiri folk and Hindi pop backed by pleasant melodies.

Lyrically, the song talks about a scenario where you’ve been away from home, and suddenly you find a place, or maybe a person which/who reminds you of your home, brings you comfort and solace, and you just wanna stay there/with that person forever. That feeling is what oozes out of “Yahan”.

If you are a fan of minimalist musical accompaniments with wonderful vocal lines, then you will surely love “Yahan”. If you think that multiple sonic costume changes sound muddled then fear not, because “Yahan” is a very skilfully played and arranged piece of work, which balances its subtle flavours like an accomplished chef. It’s brilliant and once the waves of addictive beats build up to the song’s crescendo and take it to its end, you will want to go back to the beginning and experience the whole thing again. With “Yahan”, Vasu Raina has clearly proven that he is here to stay.

Verdict: Canorous.

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