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Adam and Evil Redefine Rock with this Absolute Banger ‘Pilgrims and Phantoms’ – Score Indie Reviews

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Adam and Evil Redefine Rock with this Absolute Banger ‘Pilgrims and Phantoms’. Consisting of band members – Kausthub Ravi on vocals, Jesh Moorjani on lead guitars, Sankar Narayanan on drums, and Sivanesh Natarajan on bass as the music producer, Adam and Evil is a rock band that has been making waves in the music circuit since 2012. Having won many competitions, including Decibels- IIT Saarang 2014, their music has evolved from hard rock to an alternative sound with an emphasis on unique space rock and ambient rock.

At the behest of their followers and listeners, Adam and Evil’s debut EP ‘Pilgrims and Phantoms’, is a track that is very close to their hearts. Having never been performed before, the song is about the essence of teamwork and implores the listeners to a journey of musical wonderment with this song. 

On the music front, this track uses hardware synths to evoke a sense of rawness to the beats, which have an ambient vibe. No doubt the song heavily relies on rock music with a good drum beat, and the guitar riff along towards the end of the track is very wholesome. The use of bass guitar can also be felt aloud, which would make this a banger during live performances and make the woofers in the car reach a melodious frenzy. 

The lyrics are about the love shared between two people who want it to last forever across time and space. Though the dream of remaining entangled through eternity is a far-fetched dream, the heart will always root for the same no matter what. Written with the personal experiences of the band who want to share their stories with the world and demonstrate their utmost dedication to their craft. 

Conclusively, the band has tried to do something out of the box, which would be appreciated by music lovers. With such consistent songs, Adam and Evil emerged as a rock band that was bold enough to deviate from the crowd and bring something entirely fresh to the table. 

Verdict: Ambient Rock, Head Banger, Addictive

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