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Abdon Mech‘s Raw Take on the Rollercoaster of Emotions whilst a Breakup in ‘Paper and Gold’ is purely Breathtaking – Score Indie Reviews

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This song is a testament to the immense talent that India possesses, which can compete with any internationally acclaimed pop song out there. Abdon Mech is an impeccable singer/songwriter who hails from the hills of Nagaland and released his debut song ‘Again’ in 2020. He further released an EP called ‘From A Bamboo Room’ along with four more singles. His massive talent saw widespread recognition when he won the MG Music Awards for Best Indie Artist and Best Music Video in 2021. Since then, his artistry has been on an upward swing with the release of his latest song, ‘Paper and Gold,’ which is a heady mix of beautifully penned lyrics, soulful voice and a subtle resonance of a relationship. 

From performing in small cafes to singing live on India’s biggest music stages like the Bacardi NH7 Festival and The Hornbill Music Festival, to name a few, Abdon Mech’s songs are a deep reflection of human emotions, which makes them heavily relatable to the audience.

The song is a post-break-up reflective monologue that uses clever lyrics to deliver a profound message about a breakup and what it does to any future relationship as well. The emotional quotient of the lyrics really brings the intimate feelings that each one has when a lover parts on a bitter note. 

The titular ‘Paper and Gold’ is a comparison between what each lover meant to the other. The connotation of ‘gold’, is that it lasts forever and is very durable and strong denoting the feelings of the singer for the lover. The other is ‘paper’, that has a frail and fragile property which is the true nature of the lover. The lyrics are beautifully strung together with good pop beats, which amplifies the emotions further. 

‘I check my phone to see if there is one last photo us’ hit hard for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. The music and overall atmosphere of the song feels inspired by Bruno Major with hints of John Mayer, which is reminiscent of these international artists.  Overall, this is a very likeable track that can be listened to on a loop for all lovelorn people. 

Verdict: Modern Pop, Soulful Lyrics, Heartbreak Special

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