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Gig Review :: Adam & Evil + Tails On Fire :: Score Night

As the only regular rock and metal gig scene happening in Chennai,

Score Night is the shizzle. After a hard day’s work and weekend round the corner, Score Night is one of the best ways to loosen up and welcome the weekend. 

Adam and Evil started off the evening with their brand of Hard Rock. Catchy songs like their eponymous Adam and Evil, Knock Knock Who’s There, Not My Fault had the crowd headbanging all the way. Jesh Moorjani on the guitars got the best guitar tones from his simple setup. Sunny Deepak on the electric bass and Sankar Narayanan on the drums kept the tempo and laid down a solid foundation for the music. Kausthub Ravi on the vocals kept the audience jumping around. They have improved by leaps and bounds and are getting better with each gig. They finished their performance covering Limp Bizkit’s Take A Look Around and Rage Against The Machine’s Killing in the Name. The learning curve is steeply climbing on the right track. With time, their rhythm sections will get tighter and guitar tones will become better. Watch out for these men!!


Adam + Evil set the mood for Tails on Fire to set The Spring Hotel buzzing with power. The super group comprising of seasoned musicians Karan Nair on vocals, T.T Sriram on guitars, Jitesh Dharmaraj on bass and Ritesh Dharmaraj on the drums engaged brilliantly with their tongue-in-cheek humour esp. when Ritesh cut his fingers after their first song. The bleeding fingers led to some blood jokes (Yeah yeah… you know what I’m talking about!!).

Any youngster watching this band live can learn a lot about musicianship and band dynamics. Each member of the band performed his role to the T. There was room for individual creativity and yet none of them were flying their own kite. The catchy and melodic setlist included Superglue, Crazy Bitch and a new track Pyrotrip. A funky medley of Urvasi and Chikka Bukku Railey and covers of Rage Against The Machine’s Born of a Broken Man and Shaggy’s Bombastic in between the set got the crowd to throng around the stage and swivel their hips.

Earlier, they watched and supported Adam and Evil. All bands should take a leaf out of their book for the way they supported the opening band. The onus of a successful gig is largely shaped by the audience. I am sure both bands went home on a high after rocking harder than granite. 

Left the venue with an adrenaline rush. Looking forward to Split perform on 18 Feb. That’s going to be a fantastic gig. I’ll see you there. 


More photos, coming up on Facebook!

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