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Abdon Mech: Give Me My Soul Back: Score Indie Reviews

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Abdon Mech’s Give Me My Soul Back brews both sadness and respite

Nagaland-based singer-songwriter Abdon Mech is quickly, surreptitiously and abruptly disarming. Watch him talk about his music and his life on his Youtube channel, you will see a certain softness that feels hard to hold on to in the dog-eat-dog world of music making. And yet, this man exudes a quiet, generous warmth that is balm to our pandemic-blasted selves. 

In fact, Abdon’s song is hewn out of his own pandemic experiences. Swirling in lockdown, he realised how easy it is to lose one’s soul; only he extends the definition of ‘soul’ to mean not just the actual ineffable spirit that animates our being, but also anything that offers a moment of escape disguised as joy or even simple relief. In Mech’s words,

It could mean a lover, a book, a song, a cup of coffee or a drive past your favourite street.

Adorned with a few slices of breezy but memorable stringplay and percussion, the song is an easy listen. It shows up as the metaphorical breath of fresh air everyone has been harping about ever since being cattle-prodded into whole new levels of physical and psychological debilitation. 

With an EP dropping soon, Mech promises more of this, and that is a good thing. 

Verdict: A prayer for solace.

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