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One in a Million (Mark Tuan X Sanjoy): Score Reviews

When GOT7 terminated their contract with JYP Entertainment, Aghases were predictably worried about their favourite group’s musical ventures. Thankfully, even though rapper-singer-songwriter Mark Tuan has made his way back to his home in America, he hasn’t left his fans waiting too long. 

On 13th February this year, Tuan dropped his first release since leaving JYP – an EDM beat-bundled piece named One in a Million. Collaborating with Bangladeshi-American EDM producer and DJ Sanjoy, it is an apt offering for Valentine’s Day, relating adoration for that someone who makes everything perfect, no matter how rough it gets on the outside; that “only one out of a million”.

Vocalizers and aptly bumped beats make Mark’s single an immediate earworm, and heartwarming lyrics make it a shoo-in for romantic playlists everywhere.

But then you walked through the door

Had my ego soaring

I couldn’t ignore how you making me feel

Now I’m leaving with you

Tell me, am I dreaming?

You give me a reason to roll out of bed

Mark showcases the hip-hop panache he is known and treasured for, but he dials out aggression and imbues a softened assurance – the blissful contentment lovers often speak of.

Accompanying the track is an animated music video straight out of 90’s Saturday morning cartoons (Anyone remember Kim Possible?) In it, a messy, clumsy boy and an immaculate, has-her-life-together girl keep trying to reach each other, but are constantly swept away by the vagaries of life and chance (suffocating crowds, subway doors that shit too soon). They do eventually get together, with animated avatars of Mark and Sanjoy presiding over them like beaming angels. 

Despite being a commonly used trope, the video exudes the bright naivete of young love, and is a comforting watch for both dark and delightful days. See for yourself below:

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