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Arnav Deshmukh paints a fresh, breezy soundscape with Kosh: Score Indie Reviews

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Kosh, a new track by producer Arnav Deshmukh (credited as Arnav) and producer Rajneesh is an easygoing vibe of a song that achieves the feat of gathering the listener’s attention right from the start. Even though the song might not deliver fully in terms of its lyrical elements, Kosh’s neo-Indian instrumentals are quick to impress. 

Opening with harmonium-influenced notes, the song carries on with that sound along with a few tablas and other Indian instruments. The sound is fresh and instantly catchy. Perhaps, the only last time a harmonium might have sounded this catchy (at least while analyzing popular music) would be AR Rahman’s composition on the Rockstar song Kun Faya Kun. 

Featured singer Rajneesh does justice to his parts, especially the chorus that sounds comforting enough. The first verse particularly seems to deal with a person who’s pretty much in admiration of a partner whom he fancies, even after a heartbreak. The chorus goes on to delve into his habits and wishes that he might not give up despite everything. The aforementioned instrumentals then go on to balance the emotions of the track with a sense of bittersweet solace. 

Lasting for just over two minutes, the production and the vocals deliver justice to its duration, given how most of the independent releases are aiming to wrap up within a few minutes. However, in the case of Kosh, maybe an added verse or another music interlude could have helped in making Kosh even more memorable. 

Still, for what it’s worth, it’s a promising track that unleashes Arnav Deshmukh’s creative potential and willingness to experiment. Kosh might not be the most unique track amongst the batch of new releases, but its sound definitely is more unique than many other singles in the same pantheon. Considering the fact that the Pune-based musician is just 18 years old as of now, Kosh does hold a lot of promise. 

Verdict: Catchy, upbeat neo-Indian style production save Kosh from being more than just another love song. 

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