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10 Artists To Check Out If You Like Ritviz – Score Short Reads

10 Artists To Check Out If You Like Ritviz – Score Short Reads

Since his breakout hit Udd Gaye, Ritviz has cemented his presence in the Indian electronic scene with his unique blend of laid back vocals and classical/folk inspired electronica. With a slew of singles and Seedhe Maut and Nucleya collaborating for two new albums, Ritviz’s popularity only increases with every passing day. Here are a few other producers that you might like if you too vibe with Ritviz’s music. 

1. Khanvict

Even though he’s based in Surrey, Canada, Khanvict has been paying tribute to his Indian roots with his works of ‘neo fusion’ and folktronica. His latest EP Escape bears testimony to this with Kingdom and Closer being some stand-out tracks. For the former, he collaborated with Carnatic vocalist Amritha Shakti while the latter was also supported by a visually-powerful video with a social message against colourism (that might excite fans of Ritviz’s aesthetic videos).


Akshay Johar aka MojoJojo started out as a bassist for Paradigm but then transitioned to making some of India’s finest ‘bass-heavy music’. From the Rajasthani folk-inspired Duniya to the North Indian rap anthem Galat Launda (with Fotty Seven), MojoJojo really knows how to helm crossovers.


Birthing his career at the mere age of 16, V3K has been on the forefront of music genres and creating an alternate electronica rather than the standard ‘bass-drop music’ that had once saturated the indie scene. Also serving as the producer of the alt hip-hop collective Street Academics, some must-listen tracks of V3K include Kettile and Kalapila.

4.KS Abhishek

If you access any dedicated folktronica playlist in India, chances are that KS Abhishek’s name would pop up every once in a while. Just take the Kolkata-bred artist’s recent single Deejal Gaadi for instance (a vernacular term for ‘diesel car’). Inspired by a folk song, he made use of his grandmother’s vocals and fused it with his unique indo-fusion production. This is just the tip of the iceberg if you check out Abhishek’s music. 

5.Tech Panda

Just like Ritviz’s classical roots, Tech Panda started his musical journey by playing the tabla and the keyboard. Since the late 2010s, he began to get the spotlight as one of India’s freshest faces when it comes to minimal techno and indie-electronica. Guftagu, Tudta Taara, Super Naani, Last Tear, are some of his many singles that showcase his musical versatility.

6.Bandish Projekt

Bandish Projekt has been an OG to the game, formed in 1998 by Mayur Narvekar, Nucleya, and Mehirr Nath Chopra. Even though the latter two have gone their separate ways, Narvekar continues making music, blending genres like dubstep with Indian instruments like the flute. When it comes to Bandish’s recent discography, the EP Khulle Naagde is significant in which Narvekar collaborates with major hip-hop acts like 100 RBH and Swadesi.


Remember how Ritviz’s Udd Gaye attained mainstream streaming with Bacardi House Party Sessions? Similarly, Zenith came into the spotlight with his hit Junglee becoming the anthem for the same House Party Sessions. Since then, he has weaved his own brand of electro-pop and even performed alongside global artists like Wiz Khalifa and One Republic.


While Zaeden’s music is extremely different from Ritviz’s brand, why he should be mentioned over here is the fact that he has also successfully branched out as a vocalist. Both Ritviz and Zaeden have proven how good producers can also add life to their own track with the voices of not just featured vocalists but even their own. The Never Let You Go hitmaker started out as a DJ playing out at global festivals but has now also lent vocals for pop numbers like Tere Bina.


Nucleya, of course, needs no introduction and given the fact that he and  Ritviz have an album on the way (with its first single being the newly released Saathi), it’s no surprise that both DJs would have a common fanbase. From his iconic vintage Bollywood aesthetics to his typically-Indian bass drops, Udyan Sagar has definitely carved a niche for himself. 


Koothu’s fusion peaked with his latest release, the EP known as iNDiATMOSPHERE. It boasts of some amusing sampling, Carnatic influences, atmospheric percussion, among other instrumental styles. The EP is supposed to present sonic documentation of his travels all across the country presented in 7 instrumental tracks with only one featuring vocals from Bengaluru rappers Smokey the Ghost and MC Bijju.

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