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All About Music returns this September with its second online edition 2021

Described as ‘India’s premiere music industry conference and networking event’, All About Music 2021 is all-set for its second online edition in the last week of September. Last year, the pandemic prompted the event to go digital and it is the same case even now. However, this still does not affect the scale of All About Music’s performances, talks, and networking sessions. 

As always, the fest has a diverse line of speakers and panelists with this year’s ensemble including multi-lingual playback singer and popstar Armaan Malik, Singapore MC Yung Raja, OML CEO Gunjan Arya, Universal India and Mass Appeal head honcho Devraj Sanjyal, and the Hollywood composer Stephen Lipson (No Time To Die, Top Gun: Maverick), and many others. 

This year’s theme includes a focus on regional, independent, and non-film music, revenue opportunities, and evolving 
music technologies. With three days spread from Sep 27 to Sep 29, artists would also get an opportunity to network with industry professionals. For the same purpose,  features like Connect Corner, and exhibition booths would allow artists to showcase their discography live at the event, and pitch their work to labels, filmmakers, and music supervisors.  

In fact, the online mood has become a blessing in disguise as it allows more and more international guests to join the panel from the comfort of their homes. Attendees would hence not only get tips and opportunities from local players in the Indian independent music scene but also those from other geographies. In the end, these days, artists can be heavily talented but they need the right balance of guidance and marketing to truly make it big. With a reputable record among both industry professionals and artists themselves, All About Music seems to provide the starting step for such future opportunities.

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