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Guwahati Duo O Daapun helm the catchy and jazzy love song ” Don’t You Drop: Score Indie Reviews

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Guwahati-based brothers Siddhartha Hazarika and Bhargav Hazarika form the duo known as O Daapun. And if you haven’t heard the duo yet, their latest single Don’t You Drop might generate an interest in them.

An atmospherically jazzy number, Don’t You Drop is an interesting subversion on a love song. While acoustic inde-pop crooners are stuck with the oversaturated concepts of glorified “true love”, O Daapun focus on the awkward nitty-gritty that arises with someone whom you fancy. 

Coming out of the muddled thoughts to truly confess one’s feelings might not be that easy for everyone and this single captures that very sense of hoping that the one you love would love you back. Lyrics such as “And I saw you waving at somebody, I just hope that the one you wave is me”, bear testimony to this mood. 

It’s relatable, quirky, and straightforward with no unnecessary poetic drama. The composition is equally easygoing with a constant jazz ensemble accompanying the instrumentation. As for the vocals, they are smooth and capture the naive essence of the song. 

Often, these days, the issue with indie crooners in the pop and R&B genres is that they focus on incorporating over-the-top soundscapes with harmonies and vocal stretches. While these elements definitely showcase their vocal prowess, the songs in themselves might end up lacking substance. With Don’t You Drop, we get a light and casual sound that is capable enough to be played on repeat and vibe to.

You can feel the lyrics resonating if you’ve had similar moments in life. Meanwhile, the vocals just end up comforting the listener enough to add to the relatability. The duo might surely have more sophisticated songs in their future discography but for now, their feel-good jazziness on Don’t You Drop is enough to capture attention.

Verdict: Don’t You Drop is a light-hearted, easygoing jazzy number on the cold feet that precede a romance. 

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