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Major Lazer & Nucleya – Jadi Buti feat. Rashmeet Kaur is a “Dope Track”: Score Indie Reviews

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Before we start reviewing the track, we would like to talk about Coke and Mentos with you. Are you familiar with what happens when you add Mentos to a Coke bottle? Well, if you aren’t, you can search for “Coke + Mentos” videos on YouTube or listen to “Jadi Buti”, it’s pretty much the same thing. Let’s get one thing clear, the subject matter of “Jadi Buti” is something that makes things clearer for some people and unclear for some.

However, most users agree that it’s a thrill ride nonetheless. So when electronic music producer and DJ Nucleya joined forces with global dance music trio Major Lazer, a thrill ride was guaranteed. DJ Nucleya has been a long time fan of the international trio, Major Lazer, comprising producer Diplo, and DJs Walshy Fire and Ape Drums, and he has always wanted to collaborate with them. All the stars eventually managed to align and they have released their song “Jadi Buti” featuring Rashmeet Kaur on vocals. The track also appears on Major Lazer’s album “Music is a Weapon”.

“Jadi Buti” is a song about the good old Mary Jane (not Spider Man’s girlfriend) and its impact on the life of its users. The infectious and addictive (yes, we went there) groove of this song will make all listeners immediately realize that a DJ Nucleya and Major Lazer collaboration is something that the world really needed. The track scores really high on its replayability and it’s something you would really love to pass around to your friends. Whether you rave about it with a big group of people or just listen to it in a small circle of friends, you are bound to have lots of fun in the process. 

“Jadi Buti” is an incredibly fun track that has some funny lyrics rolled into it. Musically, it pays homage to the iconic sound of Bollywood. The track was truly set in motion when DJ Nucleya sent his tune to Diplo of Major Lazer and he was instantly hooked. They worked on the song for a year and experimented on different versions of the song before they managed to bake the perfect version of the song. And what a version this is. It will stir up the pot, take you on a trip and blow your day’s blues away in a puff of smoke. Enjoy!

Verdict: Lights up all the joints.

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