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Cover is a vibey trap number by Zillionglare and Vrun: Score Indie Reviews

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Initially, what stands out about Cover is featured artist Vrun’s  smooth production that gets you grooving from the start. It’s that kind of music that a listener would prefer while embarking on a late night drive. There’s a hint of “Bryson Tiller and 6LACK type beats” and it can indeed suit such international R&B and melodic hip-hop artists.

And then, of course, Zillionglare takes charge as the man of the hour. His hook is melodically catchy and again carries hints of artists like Tiller and Drake. This isn’t to say that Cover is derivative of songs by such artists but it definitely seems to carry a Western influence and would be appreciated greatly by audiences who are into such artists. 

The verses are good enough but eventually get overshadowed by the aforementioned hook. The artist repeats “What you see is just the cover”, making for an instantly addictive earworm. The lyrics might seem formulaic but do carry a sense of introspection. 

The title “Cover” alludes to the fact that Zillionglare has a facade that he wishes to unfurl and reveal his truer personality to his listener base. It also refers to the fact that he’s just starting out in his career. The audience is yet to see the truest artistic potential that Zillionglare can offer. This is just a tip of the iceberg. This is just the cover.
So, all in all, for a song titled “Cover”, Zillionglare and Vrun’s track is pretty original and deserves a place in your playlist. 

The problem with modern-day Indian trap and R&B is that artists are trying too hard to sound like their favourite artists from the West. While a Western influence is undeniable, the scene is yet to find an original and quintessentially Indian-sounding voice in this process. On the other hand, an artist like Zillionglare can indeed balance out the two sides if he gets better with time. 

Verdict:  Some fine melodic trap for your late-night playlists.

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