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Buck takes you on a ride down his own musings on life in Savaari: Score Indie Reviews

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Hindi-language hip-hop in India, like many other genres, is going through a point of oversaturation. Rappers are either going heavy on Western-influenced auto tune or just aping chopper flows to make their words sound faster. The poetic aspects of hip-hop are also on a decline this year. It’s only with rappers like Buck that some optimism can be offered

As he has proven in his discography, Buck is a proficient storyteller with some relatable descriptions rooted in his real life. Savaari is a similar track dwelling on his life, his issues, and the hope that keeps him going. However, instead of being preachy, he just does what a good artist should do: tell his story.

The titular chorus refers to the world that Buck has experienced firsthand. Feeling that his listeners are trapped inside, he’s willing to let out his hand and help them embark on his own journey aboard his ‘sawaari’ (ride). It’s a clean metaphor that can allude to the scene itself. Listeners are trapped inside boxes and formulaic tropes. And here comes Back with a track that is light-headed and introspective at the same time.

He’s not appropriating or dramatising his pain as he talks about his life so far. The audience gets to know of his high-school insecurities and how he wanted to be a ‘school captain’ and a ‘head boy’. As he grows up, he faces bigger issues such as losing a 2GB SD Card that accomodated nearly 80 unreleased tracks of his.

The artist’s frustration is brought out beautifully against a light beat that is adorned with melancholic sax towards the hook. Buck doesn’t incorporate any fancy ad-libs or layers or interludes and yet proves that the sheer power of storytelling is sometimes enough to create good hip-hop.

Verdict: It’s after a long time that we are getting a good Hindi rap track rich in storytelling.

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