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Zeus X Crona cook up an electronic love anthem with Back To You: Score Indie Reviews

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Back To You has a familiar sound, characteristic to several electronic artists right now but at the same time, duo Zeus X Crona’s latest single doesn’t fall victim to the trappings of its genre. Assisted by some calming and relaxed vocals from Veronica Bravo, the song deals with love and withdrawal with some interesting instrumental buildups.

The chorus is accompanied with an increasingly catchy beat break that’s not heavy to the ears and flows smoothly with the rest of the song. It can’t
be said that the Indian DJs broke new ground with this single and the rest of their discography might definitely fare better than it.

But still Back To You works good enough to add to their musical work, making the artists transition towards a more chilled-out EDM sound. This is the reason why fans of electronic artists with a mellower sound like Marshmello would enjoy listening to Back To You.

All in all, Back To You is one of the most feel-good pieces of electronica
from this year even if its subject matter might be of a sadder nature. But that’s the things about most of the good electronic-based songs in contemporary times; even the bittersweet ones are upbeat enough to get
listeners grooving.

So, if you’re expecting a bass-heavy EDM track or an Indian-Western electronic fusion (they’re ever-increasing this year to the point of being a
cliché), Zeus X Crona’s wouldn’t be the song for you. But it still would make
for a perfect listen if you’re into a sound that would make you feel things
while cheering you up at the same time.

Verdict: The lyrics and the music in Back To You evoke a certain tragical
beauty that totally works.

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