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Siddhant Mishra’s Is Qadar is a fresh and breezy dose of electro- pop: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based Siddhant Mishra emulates the classic combination of being a singer, songwriter, and producer, all on his own. He delivers a boost of positivity and romance with Is Qadar, a single that marks a different tone as compared to his previous single Roothey Hue. While Roothey Hue was an acoustic tune with a slightly mellower sound, Is Qadar is a fresh track echoing electro-pop influences. The different sound only goes on to show the artist’s versatility.

It would be difficult to decide if Mishra’s vocals overpower his production or vice versa, as he delivers well in both fields. The simple yet charming
lyrics find the singer thinking about the ways in which he fell in love with the song’s muse. Further, the upbeat electronic sound is light to the ears and boasts of a calming vibe in general, adding to its catchiness.

As for his vocals, Mishra doesn’t stretch his singing abilities to the maximum limit but the breeziness in his voice is perfectly suitable for the
aura he aims to create in Is Qadar. His tone remains consistent throughout but never does he sound monotonous.

With Is Qadar, Siddhant Mishra has shown that he isn’t satisfied by limiting his reach to one genre. It would be amusing to see him explore more soundscapes. Preferably it’s this feel-good style that seems to suit him more than an indie acoustic sound. What sound would Siddhant Mishra aim for in his future discography, that only time can tell. However, till then, Is Qadar makes for a perfect listen if you are in the mood for a light-hearted love song.

Verdict: Breezy and poetic, Siddhant Mishra’s new single makes for a soothing electro-pop tune, brimming with romance.

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