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You Make Me finds Cryosis at their adrenaline-fueled best: Score Indie Reviews

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There’s a lot to thoroughly enjoy in You Make Me, the new single by Mumbai-based trio Cryosis. The production is upbeat and energetic throughout, making for an engaging listen while being accompanied by an atmospheric Wild West-themed animated video. 

Vocalist Aakanksha Hejmadi continues delivering her usually vigorous and silvery vocal style, while multi-instrumentalists Siddhant Mishra and Sangeet Patnaik get the groove on providing the fast-paced backing tracks. Right from the very first second, the song sets in its adventurous aura as Hejmadi croons verses that are rich in storytelling. 

She seems to be remembering a toxic lover from her past and how she broke away from his influence, to restart her life all over. The aforementioned video adds to this drama, with some stylish visuals. Hejmadi’s character seems to be romantically involved with a man all through the video only to shoot him by the end, seeking revenge for her two guardians (who seem to be based on Mishra and Patnaik).

Hence, due credit should be given to Thunder Medusa’s animation based on character illustrations by Kayla Dunham. Often, indie animated videos in the scene end up looking too generic or kiddish. You Make Me’s video on the other hand, definitely has a certain edge over the others.

There’s hardly a dull moment in the song as the vocals and production not only get thrilling with every passing second, but they also seem to bear a certain ‘haunting’ catchiness. For instance, Aakansha Hejmadi’s voice can be subtle yet highly emotive. She doesn’t need to shout or reach a high range to express her soulful side. Her controlled, hushed style works to build an air of mystery around the track. 

You Make Me is also fresh in the sense that its story tries to explore a specific narrative, rather than relying on the same old abstract concepts. After all, exploring old lovers and toxic relationships has been a mainstay in independent songwriting for a long time. But with You Make Me, Cryosis’s lyrics do try to paint a more specific and detailed picture.

Verdict: An ominous and thrilling track, rich in storytelling. 

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