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Indie Reviews: Breathe by Cryosis

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Synth-pop is a genre that’s not explored that much in India’s indie scene.
Mumbai-based band Cryosis charter synth-pop territory in their latest single titled Breathe. A peppy electronic song, Breathe boasts of upbeat progressive production by the band’s producers Siddhant Mishra and
Sangeet Patnaik. The cherry on the top is lead vocalist Aakanksha Hejmadi’s hushed down vocals that blend beautifully with the music.

The lyrics might sound calming but they actually talk about how essential it is to take care of one’s mental health. Essentially an awareness track about
mental illness, Aakanksha’s catchy refrain ‘just breathe’ sums up the need
to take a chill pill sometimes.

All in all, it can be seen as a pop track on the surface but Breathe is much
more than that. It has traces of the aforementioned synthpop genre, and
can function as chillwave electronic music too. Recently, most of the
electronic songs in recent Indian rosters were increasingly turning to a
monotonous sound. In that sense, Breathe is a simple and refreshing tune.

The music progresses with the vocals but doesn’t descend to standard beat
drops and breaks. The continuity in the music’s flow makes Breathe a song
worthy of playing on loop.

Verdict- Breathe is a breath of fresh air that’s unique and uplifting.

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