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York Live Festival 2012 In Nashik!

A little shaking and quaking to some good music in the vineyards sounds like something they’d do in Bordeaux. But the York Festival is headed to Nashik, our very own winery on 21st January, while the sunlit chill lasts.

It’s basically part of Karsh Kale’s Indian jamboree, that travels cities – and a single vineyard – when he finally comes back to perform in the land of his forefathers later this month. The vineyard is owned by York Winery, who have bestowed the event with their trademark, much like what Sula Vineyards do with the Sulafest, not too far from the venue.

But, like all good themes, it will be all-encompassing, so music ain’t the only agenda. Wine-tasting, grape stomping, and other Neapolitan pass times will be in order, with a bazaar to keep the thrifty busy.

Ravi Gurnani, the owner of York Winery and the impetus behind the whole thing, wants to merge entertainment with an exhibition of his produce. “York Festival will showcase an interesting and award winning mélange of wines produced by York Winery couples with amazing performances”. Sounds like a win(e)-win.

Supporting Karsh Kale’s fluent electronica will be Something Relevant and Shrilektric (who is in our next issue!); another couple of acts the clubs can’t get enough of. There might even be a few additions to the roster before D-day, so keep your eyes open.

And your credit cards handy – because tickets are now on sale at They’re retailing for 900 bucks a pop, which is still reasonable returns for all the recreation on offer.

If doubts still remains, let this guide your decision

[youtube_video id=aTLSSztuWTs] 

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