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Gig Review :: Sky Rabbit :: Blue Frog Mumbai, Jan 4

Sky Rabbit, previously known as Medusa, gave a good account of

Sky Rabbit launch themselves in style at Blue Frog Mumbai!


Mumbai based Sky Rabbit were back in their home town on Wednesday to perform at Blue Frog as a part of their six-city tour to promote their self titled album. Their line-up consists of Raxit Tewari on vocals and rhythm guitar, Rahul Nadakrni on lead guitar, Siddarth Shah on bass (and it was a pretty cool looking bass guitar, might I add) and Harsh Karangale on drums.

[youtube_video id=Tainn_GsG2w]
The group may classify themselves as electronic rock, but a majority of their pre-recorded samples were minor embellishments to the contributions of 
the four members on stage. Listening to some of their songs at the event, including ‘Where’ and a cover of Joy Division’sCeremony,’ one could have been led to believe that they are simply a rock band with little or no electronica involved. Rahul showed some nifty finger-work on his Telecaster in the Joy Division cover. It started off with a drum solo, giving Harsh a chance to show off his handiwork.
[youtube_video id=l6e6mV9U0WQ]
[youtube_video id=wbkPpPygsgs]
There were a few other numbers where their usage of sampling and mixing is more evident – especially their opening number – ‘I become I‘. A slow and mellow song with philosophical lyrics, it was a good warm up for what was to follow. They gradually increased the tempo with ‘This is a joke‘. 
[youtube_video id=uiOYId2GLrg]
[youtube_video id=ojjqjF-qx4E]
As the crowd started getting into the mood, a couple of members in the audience started shouting out ‘Who’s your daddy?’. It turned out that they were not actually being sexually provocative, but were actually requesting the band to play one of their signature songs, which, unbeknownst to me, had the same title. Raxit, amused at the demand, said the band would gladly oblige later – and they did.
[youtube_video id=BDZbNu6LoMU]
The quartet also performed ‘Try‘ and ‘Clone‘, two songs where the electronic component of their music is more pronounced, and it creates an interesting mix with their live instruments. One song that the crowd really enjoyed was ‘Anti-coke Ganpati‘. And that’s really not surprising, because title and the the main chorus has the city’s favourite deity’s name mentioned in it. *Jai Ganesh deva!*
[youtube_video id=gR2o5FaDT0k]
On the whole, Sky Rabbit proved themselves to be quite an entertaining live act. We wish them all the best with their album launch, and look forward to hearing newer, fresher music from them in the near future.
[youtube_video id=3KKnPo4Dcp8]
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