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Yolanda Be Cool: Live@ The Palladium Mall!

The bigger, the better; and keep ‘em coming. Next up are Yolanda Be Cool – the guys behind that smash hit without frontiers, We No Speak Americano – who’ll be landing up on our shores. Get a taste of their deejaying prowess, as they infuse your feet with some canned heat at Canvas at the Palladium Mall in Mumbai tomorrow evening.

Johnson Peterson and Sylvester Martinez – the Australians behind the band and the music – have an aggregated experience of ten years deejaying and mixing. You can tell how old they are because their name is inspired from an exclamatory remark from ’94 cult classic, Pulp Fiction.

Their song, We No Speak Americano, was almost as much of a cultural landmark, as it broke into the top 5 of charts all across the Atlantic and the Pacific. Such accolade belied the fact that the song was released on an indie label and heavily sampled 1956’s Neapolitan hit “Tu vuò fà l’americano” – crudely translated to ‘You are an American wannabe – written by Renato Carosone.

You can stop trying to pronounce the song title, because it doesn’t really matter. What is of implied importance is that you seize this opportunity, afforded to you by the Indian Music Conference (IMC), who sought out Yolanda Be Cool to feature here because of their popularity and consistent shunning of big labels. Luckily for everybody concerned, expectations were met and the deal struck.

So, we suggest you wear your most garish pair of shoes, gather up some friends, and head on over to Canvas to jive till you’re alive.  

Everybody’s heard We No Speak Americano. Time to check out something else that might be spun out tomorrow night; something older, probably groovier. 

[youtube_video id=-nVJAfikQQ8]

And remember to work on those moves, boy.

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