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Get Giggy With It :: Dec 16th 2011

Chennai:Yodhakaa at Star rock

All Fridays really need, is some mind blowing Indian contemporary music. Listen to Shiva talking about the band’s voice and what to look forward to at today’s show!

[youtube_video id=k8A-s6VPybY]

Delhi: Half Step Down and The Raghu Dixit Project at Sura Vie

The 50,000 fans of Raghu Dixit Project on Facebook need no introduction. And neither do Half step down as, when asked for a quote, Dhaval (vocals) said, “Be there. That should be enough”. A ‘be there’ is all you need to be there.

[youtube_video id=cjEtYe5W_HQ]

Bangalore:Erebus, Clown with a Frown, Divulge, Renagade, Grey Matter  and many more at St JosephPeeps!

The tickets are for 20 bucks only! The only thing more awesome than good music, are cheap tickets. Amen. 

Clown with a frown (Pramod) (1) by highonscore

[youtube_video id=a_YkCsNG3qg]

Kolkata ::Infinity, The Buddha Therapy, Rock Paper Scissors.

Scarface, Rachit Lakhmani, Hidden Identity, Age Of Chaos, Jeepers Creepers, The Paradigm Shift, Jaah Saala, Not.Yet.Decided, Rachit & the Crew, Ifs and Buts, mud soda spark at Some Place Else 

 We bet that you look good on the dance floor, we are rigged to explode and expect a lot more…” – Jeepers Creepers. 

[youtube_video id=IPDOuzOgw6M]

Pune: Cynthia Furtado at  Kebab Studio

Winner of Miss Pune pageant, model, guitarist, singer, keyboardist, drummer, teacher…phew. Men, you know the drill – Drool. Wipe. Gawk. Repeat.

[youtube_video id=5Zzvz_yKkbs]

Mumbai:U Srinivas at NCPA Tata Theatre

All you guitarists step aside for U Srinivas, the Mandolin virtuoso!Indo Gypsies at College of Science and Commerce , Kandivali (east)Listen to the Indo Gypsies, a delightful blend of Indian and western music, give us a sneak preview of what they are all about!

[youtube_video id=MZZBo5itCbY]

Indo Gypsies (Nayan) by highonscore

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