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Youtube videos and Soundcloud uploads are swarming with fresh content and covers as the indie scene in India is picking up like never before. Indian sounds are now seeing new realms of fusion with music all across the world.

Yet, the emphasis on a structured and formal music education in India is a gap that needs to be filled (or reformed). There is a significant lack of relevant higher education in music in the country. Moreover, the basic study curriculum of schools too do not give music the rightful place it deserves.

The techniques and understanding involved in music education offers a tremendous boost in the all round development of a child.

Thomas Sudhof, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, 2013 has a say on this matter:

“[I learned ] the value of disciplined study, or repetitive learning, for creativity. You cannot be creative on a bassoon if you don’t know it inside out, and you cannot be creative in science if you don’t have a deep knowledge of the details… I learned to value traditions as a musician, but at the same time the importance of trying to transcend tradition. The tradition is the basis that allows you to progress, the starting point, but it cannot become a limitation, because then both in music and in science creativity and progress end.”

Blake Madden writes about the importance of Music Education. Read this article to understand how the implications of music education go much beyond just learning and playing music.



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