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Maati Baani’s ‘Lagan Laagi’ is sure to get your feet tapping. The song starts off with a synth like mix on an acoustic saw. What follows is a catchy, Punjabi folk-inspired alghoza (double flute) motif, which runs into a funky bass-electric guitar groove. This song captures your attention right at the behest with the tight sound and melody. The sudden brass fill ins only make it groovier.

This song is a part of Music Yantra, a one-of-its-kind global music collaboration series relased online. Maati Baani’s Music Yantra brings together 50 International and Indian artists from across the world to create a variety of fusion music based on various genres. They say, “Each song is a unique musical journey of its sound & instrument that will interest the audience with a never-heard-before compilation. The idea of The Music Yantra arose from Maati Baani’s strong belief that music has the power to transcend differences, be it cultures, languages, or geographies. Through their journey, they have discovered, appreciated and celebrated the sounds of little-known but exquisite musicians from different corners of the globe. They took it upon themselves to introduce these fresh, nomadic instruments and voices to a wider audience.”

The first song has definitely caught our attention. And the rest is worth the wait, since we have ‘Lagan Lagi’ to play on repeat till then.

To know more about ‘Music Yantra’

Twitter: Catch Maati Baani’s groovy ‘Lagan Laagi’ from ‘Music Yatra’.

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