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Temple Twister & blueFROG present: Orestis, Kerosene Club and more

Kerosene Club Orestis

Orestis was born in Athens, Greece (1980). His first musical experiences were with metal / gothic / dark wave and hardcore sounds.

From 2001 he started djing in various indoor & outdoor parties around Greece.

Early of 2004 he started to produce his own music style, trademarked by deep atmospheric influences, strong percussive elements and an attention to the progression of the sonic story.

Orestis compositions are inspired by the universal flow of our daily feelings and experiences…

In 2010 he release his debut album “Recursive Consciousness” on Tantrumm Records.

And In 2011 he create a collective music network ” Sonic Loom Music ” together with Ordo Ab Chao, Dark Elf, Petran & Dendrobates.

In nowadays, his new album with collaborations ” Group Therapy ” is going to be released soon and the OrePhonia Album will take place in his schedule.

Orestis had participated into the following projects :
Alitia with Stranger.
Magnum Opus with Kindzadza, Psykovsky & Drury Nevil.
OrePhonia with Romolo Cheri aka Polyphonia (R.I.P.)
Ravenous Minds with Madness Increazzed.
ZikOre with Zik.

Also he have collaborate with artists like:
Ajja, Arjuna, Band Crash, Dark Elf, Darkshire, Datakult, Dejan, Digitalist, Drury Nevil, Farebi Jalebi, Frantic Noise, Glossolalia, JellyHeadz, Kasatka, Kerosene Club, Kindzadza, Kokobloko, Lab, Mind Distortion System, Ogun, Osom, Paul Karma, Petran, Psykovsky, Sator Arepo, Tromo & Zigurat.

Kerosene Club

Brian Fernandes aka Kerosene CLub / Flipknot /Fibre Stomp is one of india’s most respected trance composer/dj with a fan following spread all over the world.His sets are legendary as well his diverse taste in other genres of music.His Versatility lies across his different styles .He can send you into the deepest realms of existence to the most pleasant journeys one can embark on .One of the few versatile Indian electronic musician who is constantly touring and spreading his sound to the four corners of the world.A Slight peak into his main occupation revolves around manipulating sound frequencies to influence one’s brain and one’s kneecap and testing it on human specimens in places like India,Japan,Russia,Brazil,Germany,Portugal,Australia ,Greece,Switzerland Belgium,Spain,Dubai,Nepal etc .He has performed at the Boom Fest,Universo paraello ,Ozora,Full moon Fest,Psycrowdelica,Sol Fest etc.. Constantly touring,he is spreading the temple twisting sound like wildfire.He also is owner of constantly active labels like Temple Twisters(Psychedelic ),Digital Distortion Records(Full on ) and the unseen force behind Tremors undergound Productions and Air Snare records.Discovering fresh talent and giving them a platform along with the seasoned stars of the ever-expanding roster of musicians.He is involved also in side projects full on – Fibre Stomp and a progressive/chill out avatar as Brianoid .

Event Details

Venue : Blue Frog, Mumbai

Date : 6th March

Time : 7pm


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