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When Chai Met Toast makes you feel like you never had to grow up: Score Indie Reviews

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Take your mind back to the first rain of the season. It felt fresh, rejuvenating, like the promise of a new life. It washed away the rust of past inhibitions, exhaustions, anxieties and agonies. It offered respite, and allowed you to breathe deeper than you had in a long time. 

That is what this song feels like. Melded in the acoustic melee of breathtaking and laid-back, they sing about reminiscence, happiness and love. Lyrics addled with warmth and uncomplicated joy, the song takes you through four and a half minutes of good feelings. 

The track is the perfect mood-setter for anyone who thinks of an old friend or lover and smiles about how lucky they are. When they sing,

“Into the night/I feel alive/At fifty-nine/When we feel young”

It gives you every reason to believe that no matter your age, happiness is right by you. As always, When Chai Met Toast are able to make music sound effortlessly uplifting. From rainy mornings to balmy evenings, When We Feel Young is a shot of sunshine right into your veins. 

The music video, additionally, is an absolute delight. Animated with rustic forms and lively colours, it paints the life of a happy middle-aged couple who go through their quiet, content lives in the glow of companionship, good memories and new adventures. The video warms your heart, enchants your eyes and offers all the reassurance you need in this terrifying year. 

Like all good artists, When Chai Met Toast creates music to comfort the disturbed. This song, in particular, is a splash of cleansing hope. In the midst of despair, play this song, hold on to the hope it offers, and find yourself returning to your own light before you know it. 

Verdict: When Chai Met Toast brings a heavy dollop to joy to your playlist. 

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