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Utkarsh Saxena – Kanha Captures the Joy of Janmashtami: Score Indie Reviews

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Utkarsh Saxena is a music composer, producer and singer based in Mumbai. Originally hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Utkarsh is a classically trained singer and has been singing since a very young age. He started his songwriting journey with The Utkarsh Project around 3 years ago and released his debut single “Yaad Aaunga”. The Utkarsh Project is a community of like-minded musicians with an aim of delivering musical content that the masses can relate and resonate with.

The Utkarsh Project’s objective is to independently produce Bollywood level content for listeners to enjoy.
After receiving over 100k streams for “Yaad Aaunga” and a spot on Spotify and Amazon playlists, Utkarsh Saxena is back with the Janmashtami special number “Kanha”, and that’s the song we will be reviewing here.

Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Krishna. So as you would imagine, it’s a festival of joy and celebration. That celebratory mood is what Utkarsh Saxena bombards the listeners with. As soon as the first note rings, your mood gets uplifted and once the vocal melodies start, each and every note dances with joy on your eardrums. This is not a hymn or a religious prayer, it’s a joyous song to celebrate the festival with. Even if you don’t understand Hindi or are unfamiliar with the legend of Krishna, you can still enjoy this song as much as anybody else. 

Utkarsh Saxena has captured the joyful exuberance of Krishna’s childhood through “Kanha”. The performance quality is very high. The musical accompaniment is exactly what you would expect from a song like this. Folk instruments mixed with modern ones to produce a great fusion. Major props to the backing vocals as well. They do a great job of emanating the “community celebration” vibe. While social distancing might be the current norm, in general, all festivals and joyous occasions are better when they are celebrated with others. Joy is more infectious than the coronavirus. Let us never forget that. 

With “Kanha”, Utkarsh Saxena invites you to join the festivities with him and have a great time. That’s exactly what this song is, a great time. Don’t miss out. Happy Janmashtami!

Verdict: It’s not a song, it’s a celebration.

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