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Top Trends in Music for 2021 -Score Short Reads

Top Trends in Music for 2021 -Score Short Reads

Music is ever-evolving and so are its trends. Something which was the talk of the town yesterday is long forgotten today. So, it’s essential to stay updated about what’s new and happening in the world of music.

Some of the trends in music for 2021 are:

Playlists without Genres

Considering the fluid nature of music, it’s not surprising that people prefer music across genres. There’s an inclination towards people’s cultural and lifestyle preferences in live-streaming music apps.

People have playlists for parties, workouts and a lot more. It’s a gradual shift towards genre-less playlists. People prefer following artists or music or sound of a particular kind which becomes their go-to playlist song.

Live Music

Slowly but surely there’s a likelihood of the situation getting back to normal and live music returning for the music enthusiasts. Be it at-home live sessions or drive-in concerts there will always be scope for live music.

When the much-awaited live performances return, there will be more technical innovations in the music experience. Change is the only constant and it will definitely take centre-stage with the return of live music. 

Crossover of Music Genres

Everyone loves diversity in music. People enjoy when music artists experiment with music. For instance, Lil Nas X ruled the charts in 2019 with ‘Old Town Road’ which is a hip hop/ country song.

Such experiments with music genre crossovers are pleasant surprises for music lovers giving them something refreshing to look forward to. 

Indie Artists

Independent artists find innovative ways to ‘go viral’ on social media. It takes one hit song to make a mark for someone in the music industry. They make music that’s distinct and peculiar, something that attracts the masses and classes individually.

Despite the competition, Indie artists offer what the fans demand. Be it curated playlists or new soundtracks; they come up with innovations to attract and entice music lovers. 

  1. Music Documentaries

The most amazing trend of 2021 is music documentaries and video albums. Audiences like stories and the story-telling format has been the most impactful content format on social media.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade which released in 2016 was one such wonderful example of music documentary. Be it behind-the-scenes looks or a background story, music artists put great context to their inspiration through documentaries.

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Shawn Mendes have showcased such documentaries on Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services. 

  1. Algorithm-based playlists 

Algorithms are the new mind-readers of today. The music streaming services use algorithms to predict your preferences and choices and create playlists that you like.

It’s magical how it plays the songs of your interest on loop without you having to manually change the songs. This trend is picking up fast and going to be even more refined in terms of precision in prediction in the coming years.

  1. Social media music streaming 

With the increase in social media there’s immense scope for music streaming to reach a larger audience base. Making the most of this situation, music artists take to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram to connect with their fans and sing songs or announce their music albums.

This gives a boost to their listeners and makes their songs popular in no time. It’s a trend to be in trend and on top of the music streaming game. 

All the trends for 2021 are woven together with the aspect of innovation and change. People love new additions and experiments in music and that’s always going to be in demand.

Monotony of any kind is not a long term phenomenon hence variety in music will always be welcomed by music lovers across the globe. These trends give birth to new kind of music and lead to evolution in the real sense of the term. 

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