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What does 50 Cent Have To Do With Beyonce Knowles’ Sexy Lil Thug?

[youtube_video id=X8yO_8fmZ1w]

Call it mooching off success or just hardcore inspiration. Right about when 50 Cent’s In Da Club was blazing No. 1 spots on all countdowns, The Queen of HipHop decided to give the track a female touch.

Which basically means sexual crooning & references to feminine indulgences like Jimmy Choo’s & Marc Jacobs. However, the feedback to this was not all bad. The tenacity that divas bring to a sing with their aggressive runs & hand snaps is a totally different dimension. No offense to monotonic, crotch grabbing raps which are ALSO driven! (No denying!)

She didn’t release a video but this version of In Da Club – known as Sexy Lil’ Thug – did quite well just through airplay. Here’s a snippet from a live performance because Beyoncé cannot just be experienced aurally. We gots to see that booty do what it does BEST! Also, YouTube tells us its *RARE*. Ergo, here we go:

[youtube_video id=93SaXvf_JC0]

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