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Music Review :: Vicky Donor

We bring to you the exclusive music review of Vicky Donor.

A movie based on a topic as controversial as sperm donation (as per Indian standards) will easily sell itself. I am sure those who aren’t aware of this movie are already hooked by the afore-mentioned topic. Vicky Donor, produced by John Abraham and directed by Shoojit Sircar (of Yahaan fame), has caught the attention of a gazillion people and is being touted as an interesting summer caper. After all, it’s a movie of firsts – VJ Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gupta’s first film, John’s first production, music directors Abhishek-Akshay’s first film composition.  Does one have expectations from the music of Vicky Donor? Not really.

Opening up with Rodkda, my next-to-none expectations were, if possible, even dissolved further. An outright incorrect choice for the opening track, even singer Akshay Verma’s fresh voice cannot salvage this below-average situational track. Aditi Singh Sharma is underused as a filler between lines. The song speaks about the infinite end of human desires and how no amount of money can satiate it.

“Phool yeh, chota sa, dekho jab paudha ban jaata hai,
Paudha ban jaata hai,
Khwaishon ka tokra, bharne ka chaska lag jata hai,
Chaska lag jata hai”

Clinton Cerejo and Aditi Singh Sharma’s Kho Jaane De is your run-off-the-mill, fun, peppy, lovey-dovey number. Once again a situational track, Clinton’s soft voice makes the track tolerable. Aditi is barely heard – but when she is, you wish to hear more. In retrospect, I did love the addictive acoustic laid-back feel of the song.

‘Oye Kitthe Gayi Sharab Ki Gaddi’ – the opening of Rum Whisky got rid of my apathy. How original and imaginative – a Punjabi pop song ! But hey, the song is infinitely better than its predecessors. A very different sounding Akshay Verma (atleast from Rodkda) dominates the song with repeated addictive chants of ‘Rum Rum Rum O Whisky’. Touted as John Abraham’s “item song”, it has an uncanny similarity to Sadi Gali from Tanu weds Manu.

[youtube_video id=mcQjz3v1qSE]

Lead actor Ayushmann Khurrana takes to the mic with Pani Da Rang and boy! – does he impress! I never thought of him as a singer but he effortlessly breezes through this relatively-better song. Escalated by pleasant arrangements and a fast beat, do hear this song for Ayushmann’s singing. Sukanya Purkayastha’s slower, more sultry and loungy version ensues. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the two since each version has its own distinct flavor.

Now, this is more like it! Mar Jayian (special composition by Donn & Bann)  is an out-and-out romantic ballad sung by Vishal Dadlani & Sunidhi Chauhan. Vishal’s powerful voice, coupled by the mesmerizing sound of the tabla, almost charmed the pants off me. Vishal & Sunidhi should sing more duets – they complement each other very well. Bann’s sad version is interesting (to say the least) but fails to evoke the necessary emotions.

“Spark plug mein carbon aaya, kismet ke lag gaye pakode”

Funky lyrics form a huge part of Chaddha, a song based on Annu Kapoor’s character, Dr. Baldev Chaddha – owner of a sperm bank. I’m sure the evident innuendos will make your imagination run wild. Brilliantly sung by Mika Singh, this song is a sure-shot chartbuster. I feel for all the Mr. Chaddhas out there.

The appealability graph of Vicky Donor’s music follows an exponential rise of sorts. It’s surprising how the makers of this movie decided to stick by a mundane start when they had a repertoire of better songs to bank on. Moreover, the situational factor of the album is very high. Hopefully, the songs will be visually appealing. Abhishek-Akshay have composed a decent soundtrack.

If you’ve some spare cash lying around, buy the CD. Otherwise, the on-air promos are good enough.

Shresht’s favorites: Rum Whisky, Pani Da Rang, Mar Jayian, Chaddha

RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

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