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We’re Not Evil, We’re Just Misunderstood

Two contrasting incidents that left a lot of fingers pointing at a lot of people

First up, Billy Joe Armstrong, the punk overlord frontman of Green Day, was ejected from a Oakland – Burbank Southwest Airlines flight because, allegedly, he had worn his pants too low.

Couldn’t have happened, you shake away that head in disbelief, but Armstrong has eyewitnesses to corroborate this seemingly ridiculous incident. To be fair to Southwest Airlines, he was told to pull up his trousers, to which Armstrong retorted by asking if it really was the most important concern.

Lavender boxers playing peekaboo 

And I guess it was, because Armstrong and his travel buddy were forced off the flight and had to stand by in Oakland, before higher-ups within the airline cleared the air and let him get on the next flight. 

While Armstrong’s misery might’ve been a result of little mistakes all around, Michael Pedicone‘s firing as the drummer for My Chemical Romance was a more open-and-shut case.

The band released a website update to that effect last week on Friday, after Pedicone was apparently caught red-handed stealing from the band after a concert in Auburn, Washington.


I’m a dead dog. Unless I can fool people into thinking I’m Justin Timberlake. 
Identity theft, here I come! (hehehe)

I doubt if a lot of tears were shed, but the web update seemed profound, invoking the principles of ‘family’ and ‘trust’, and the ‘pain’ felt when you’re denied either, to explain Pedicone’s sudden ignominous exit. Pedicone tweeted too, hinting at a denial, before he just turned abjectly apologetic. He’ll probably save the alibis for the job interviews, presuming there is a band out there looking for an in-house thief.  

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