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Scorebyte: Hear Noel Gallaghar’s New Single.

Noel Gallaghar of Oasis has released the new single from his upcoming album. And yes, you can listen to it here.

The song, titled AKA.. What a Life! has been described as the crooner as a peppy dance track. It is quite a departure from the musicians usual style of guitar themed rock, with a piano based melody.

[youtube_video id=lwHpLDgWonM]

Noel Gallaghar had earlier released other songs from his album, If I Had a Gun

[youtube_video id=q0QMhSLg0t0]

and The Death Of You and Me.

[youtube_video id=kFx_IniNjfE]

The musician’s solo debut Noel Gallaghar’s High flying Birds releases this October the 17th.


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