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VIT Presents Riviera ’12!

The sprawling scenic expanse of excellence that is the Vellore Institute of technology has been hitting us with sheer brilliance at all frontiers every year. VIT has been known to be a class apart from its peers. When their website hits you with words like integrity, diligence, cohesion – you think, hell, that’s the kind of place where you would want your future kids to become overachievers.

The students in their photos look like poster models for educational journals and other books that you or your future overachieving kids could never even hope of understanding. When asked about the institute, the students just couldn’t stop gushing about it-

The VIT campus is eco-friendly, clean and self-sufficient. It has two canteens and one big food court. The food in the canteens and food court is so delicious that people prefer eating here rather than going out. The sport amenities provided in VIT are absolutely amazing too!! We have many badminton, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. The Men’s Olympic-size floodlit swimming pool has eight lanes and the necessary facilities to conduct even international-level competitions!!

RIVIERA: VIT’s Cultural Extravaganza & MORE!

VIT also boasts of extra- curricular activities for an all-round and healthy development (another impressive sounding excerpt from the site) of the students, mentally and physically. The most spectacular of them is Riviera, one of the country’s biggest cultural fests organised by VIT.

Riviera was chosen as the appropriate name because it epitomized the festivities, deriving its origin from the French and Italian languages. The symbols of Riviera elucidated creativity that conveyed the true significance of Riviera with intensity.

Events :: Le Awesomeness

It is a four day extravaganza with everything you could possible associate with a fest of such gigantic proportions. Students from all over the country prepare for it with the sole purpose of making a mark at Riviera – Not a feat for the faint hearted.

The events at Riviera, are a carefully thought out blend, aimed at targeting students of all shapes and sizes and talents. Never has a student gone back home laced with disappointment. The awesome array of shindigs include painting events, for the future Caravaggios, Music events, for the rock n rollers, Dance events, for those who think they can dance, Singing events, for those blessed with the pipes, theatre events, for the theatrical, movie making events, for those living their lives in reels, fashion related events, for the refined and other innumerable choices. And if that ain’t rockin your world then there are a plethora of stalls propped up for your pleasure. There are stalls of every theme imaginable- Gaming, food, tattoo making, various exhibitions and such. 

Pro Shows :: Le Extravagant

If all this still doesn’t excite you, O insatiable ones, Riviera is a highly star studded affair. Yeah, you read right yeh fangirls, there are celebrities from every field possible!. Their Pro-Shows promise a variety of big wigs for the music industry. Big wigs so big, that the students plan their year around these shows. You name a genre and VIT has an event for it- Pop, rock, classical, folk, metal and everything in between. So it’s a dream come true for everyone from the benign classical enthusiasts to the violent headbangers! These Pro shows boast of live performances with stalwarts like Shankar Mahadevan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Shaan and many others.

They’re conducted in the massive outdoor stadium, which can accommodate the entire strength of the college. The stage constructed for the performances is colossal!Riviera has had pretty innovative themes in the past. This year, it goes with a quirky ‘Graffiti’ theme. It stands for the potpourri of eccentric geniuses, each with an idea which fits like a puzzle in the grand scheme of things. The organisers and the team members, even after multiple pressure related breakdowns and break ups, have still managed to put together this colourful wonder.

Going by the number of events at the fest has, it’ll probably take a lot more pages to list. Dull moments are alien when you’re at Riviera. There are multiple other things going on like sport events, literary meetings and various workshops like chocolate making, Disk Jockeying, 3D art, as well as events with good causes like Broadway and the Green Marathon.

Riviera’12 is going to be one of the most happening, mind boggling and spirited events of 2012, be sure not to miss these enthralling days and sparkling nights as they are sure to add the zing to your lives that we all need from time to time! So thou shall clear your calenders for the fest and take home as many prizes as the memories of the fun you had!

Facts :: Le Jawdrop! 

  • Riviera was the first university fest in India to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • Riviera was included in the Guinness book of world records for ‘maximum people arm wrestling at the same time.’
  • Riviera has been host to the Israeli metal band Orphaned Land, where Riviera’11 was their first performance India. Riviera will host the German folk metal band Suidakra, which will also be this band’s first performance in India.
  • The entire prize money allotted for Riviera is around 10-15 lakhs!

Stay tuned to for more details & all you tweeple, follow the musical force @highonscore!

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