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Vipin Mishra Project’s makes the Motivation Anthem Of The Year with Matmaara: Score Indie Reviews

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Vipin Mishra has crafted several optimistic, and inspirational songs collaborating with musicians as a part of his so-called Vipin Mishra Project. His latest single Matmaara is similarly quite an uplifting anthem that’s bound to rouse the spirits of anyone who’s going through a tough time. 
The lyrical themes are familiar. Matmaara deals with the passion and the spirit of never giving up that drives some people on their road to greatness. And yet Mishra’s controlled and positive-sounding vocals add a new dimension to the usual power anthems that we are used to hearing.

The hook in particular can be seen as one of the highlights of the track. The overall production is driven with a borderline synth wave and alternative pop tune, entirely composed and produced by Vipin Mishra himself. 
Often with such song, the music video features sportspersons, serving as a tribute to their indomitable spirit. Similarly, Matmaara’s visuals feature several runners. In fact, it’s triathlete ultramarathoner, and author Kapil Arora who co-wrote the song with Mishra.

Arora who has toured several countries for his races, discussed with Mishra how he found an anthem for every country before the start of the race. So, the idea behind Matmaara was to create a racing anthem for India.
While definitely Matmaara can’t stand as an anthem for all Indian runners as the song is in Hindi, it is still a greatly motivating track not just for runners and sportspersons but also for people who just crave for a dose of inspiration and self-confidence. 

Verdict: A moving tribute to the indomitable human spirit of facing challenges and never giving up. 

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