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Vinay Kaushal – The Elephant In The Room (feat. Aditi Ramesh & Sharik Hasan): Score Indie Reviews

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“The Elephant In The Room” is composer and guitarist Vinay Kaushal’s third single due to be released on the 15th of May 2021. As with his previous singles, Vinay has worked with musicians across India and abroad to bring his vision to life. The song features well-known singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh, Sharik Hasan – the New York-based Pianist extraordinaire, L.A.-based bassist Krishnan Swaminathan, and Pune-based Varun Venkit on drums with Vinay on guitars. As with the previous singles, this tune was mixed by Aseem. The album artwork was created by Swati Namjoshi (a.k.a. Mo).

​“The Elephant In The Room” is a reflection on dark times. A powerful, moody song, with lyrics written by Uma Athale, it talks about issues in our society being swept under a rug to be conveniently forgotten until there is no one left to speak up for them anymore. Inspired by various incidents where wildlife perishes when humans take over their homes, the emotions the song evokes are equally pertinent to people’s lives today. People are losing their jobs and homes, and even schools aren’t safe places anymore. There is an underlying atmosphere of fear that is suppressing voices. This song is for those who are losing their homes — whether they are made of bricks or trees.

Aditi Ramesh’ voice is an intriguing instrument, at times strong and pure, yet able to offer a softer embrace at a moment’s notice. Never affected, “The Elephant in The Room” rests on a bed of majestic guitar and piano-driven instrumentation. Vinay Kaushal and Sharik Hasan treat the song with a sense of care, and the music slowly builds up to its magical crescendo. The soaring guitar solo concludes this poignant tale which features a hard hitting chorus that spells it all out: “When a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound….will anybody know me if I hit the ground?”

Subtly nuanced, “The Elephant In The Room” sees Vinay Kaushal offering a fantastic brew of music and musings that create an insightful, musical and riveting commentary on what’s going on in today’s uncertain world. Who knows, this song might just end up being the antidote for what ails you.

Verdict: Hits hard, and hits home.

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