BTS V’s much anticipated OST, Christmas Tree, is an enchanting ballad for the holiday season – Score Global Music

BTS V’s much anticipated OST, Christmas Tree, is an enchanting ballad for the holiday season – Score Global Music

On Christmas eve, Christmas Tree, V’s much awaited OST from the Korean Drama Our Beloved Summer, was released. The song was produced by music director Nam Hye Seung who is known for his work in popular dramas such as  Goblin, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and most recently, Crash Landing on You.

Our Beloved Summer stars Choi Woo-Shik (Parasite) and Kim Dami (Itaewon Class) and tells the story of two classmates who develop feelings for one another while filming a documentary, go their own separate ways and are reunited ten years to continue filming the second chapter of their lives. The drama astutely captures the nuances of growing pains and young love.

Christmas Tree marks V’s third contribution to a drama soundtrack, the first being It’s definitely You, with bandmate Jin and the second being Sweet Night, an OST for Itaewon Class.

V remains thematically and sonically consistent as he alludes to the first snow, and sings Moon in the summer night/Whispering of the stars/They’re singing like/ Christmas trees for us. Being a December born, many of V’s songs are about the winter season. If Winter Bear is about an acknowledgement of struggle and continuing to remain hopeful, so is Christmas Tree. In Christmas Tree, the Korean lyrics via fan translations read “ By Chance did you know/ There’s a hidden side of you/ That only I know about/ You’re like the first snow.”

V moves through his vocal registers seamlessly, switching from his lower registers to a falsetto with astonishing ease. His soft vocals lend itself well to this cinematic masterpiece. V is a natural baritone, so his stylistic decision to enunciate his words and sing them staccato works well for the song, as does the fact that he harmonises with himself while singing the ad-libs. His range is spectacular, and his raspy voice conveys the emotions of this song to its fullest.

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