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New Music from Van Halen!

And so begins the resurrection of the band, which made you want to pick up a guitar and wear leather pants.

Van Halen has released the first music video from their new album, A Different Kind Of Truth. It’s their first with David Lee Roth since the brilliant ‘1984’.

Tattoo, brings back the classic Van Halen feel. Eddie kills it with his guitar, shredding in the trademark Halen style. Roth, always the showman, along with his kickass pipes, has some brand new hip busting dance moves. The video is a simple black and white affair, shot in a famous club at Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, with Roth, Eddie, Wolfgang and Alex performing.

The band played at The Café Wha? Nightclub in Manhattan, thus marking the end of their prolonged hiatus from the stage. A Different Kind of Truth is all set to release on February 7th. Will it be worth the terribly long wait?

[youtube_video id=3WfQ-hV3WtA]

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