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This Doesn’t Taste Like Avial

Nothing like keeping it fresh, and Avial sure do believe in that, even to the point where it might become counter-productive.

They’ve rung in the New Year by releasing the remixed version of their hit single Aanakallan. It was conceptualized and executed by Merchants Of Groove from Cochin, which includes DJ Sekhar, DJ Nash and Shankar.

The Original

[youtube_video id=ODhlx4XkJcM]

Hearing the song definitely is a bigger shock than hearing about it. I guess you could see what they were trying to do. But at the last count, everything about the remix was worse than the original.

And this goes beyond the music; even the video, which was nice and humorous on the original, is as much of a neon-lit senseless montage as party videos can be.

The video was produced by Malfunction Art Factory, and I’m guessing Ramada Hotels & Resorts might’ve had something to do with it too, considering the clear freeze frame at the start of the video at their entrances that focusses on their signages.

I like Avial – everyone does. They’re cool ethnic. But here, they’re adopting some of the worse bits of our love and fascination of western culture.  Who knows where this may lead.

And by this, I mean this:

[youtube_video id=D2x7fYm0Yds]

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