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Twinjabi’s latest single A Mi Tambien has the potential to go viral – Score Indie Reviews

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The Indian-American duo Twinjabi has been helming hits with a cross-border appeal, signaling the new age of a global-Asian R&B sound that includes the likes of Tesher and The PropheC. 

Clocking at over 2 minutes and 47 seconds, A Mi Tambien is an instant “bop” from the start to the finish. The twin vocalists’ English verses talk about a girl who’s frustrated with her romantic pursuits and yet she keeps hoping that she will find the one. 

The lyrical concepts might seem mainstream or even cliched to a point but the song makes up for it with a catchy hook. Twinjabi definitely knows how to create songs with repeat value and A Mi Tambien does seem like the kind of song that can easily go viral on social media platforms like Instagram Reels. 

The Afropop-like beat adds to the dancey vibes of the track and it is interesting to see Indian-origin artists play around with such concepts. Despite such R&B and hip-hop artists having international roots, it is quite stereotypical to expect them to sing in “ragas” or “Sanskrit shlokas”. Artists like Twinjabi are definitely subverting this stereotypical nature by showing that even “brown boys” like them can helm appealing R&B hits. 

In all ways, A Mi Tambien is also marketed well. Along with the snappy, “trend-worthy” sound, the usage of a Spanish title would appeal to some listeners. If it was just some standard love song title in English, the result wouldn’t have been that effective. But using A Mi Tambien (that roughly translates to “me too” as the singer relates to the heartbroken girl) as the track’s name is bound to generate more interest. 

Verdict: A catchy, dancey track that has the potential to start a social media trend. 

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